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Serving For The Greater Good of an Industry

I have been around the hearing industry since I was seven years old. I remember traveling to service centers as a kid and talking to people in my parents’ office, Professional Hearing Services, who were there to buy a hearing aid. As a child, I only understood a hearing aid to be a device that [...]

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Hearing Loss and Mental Health: The Surprising Connection

May is not only Better Hearing and Speech Month, but it’s also Mental Health Awareness Month. While it’s no surprise with so many worthy causes that there would be some overlap, this one in particular feels like more than just a coincidence. Better Hearing Month raises awareness about hearing health and communication disorders. It’s about [...]

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A Hearing Industry First: Chief Health Officer

They say timing is everything. At Starkey’s Hearing Innovation Expo in January 2020, I announced we just hired the hearing industry’s first and only Chief Health Officer. Two months later, a global health crisis was gripping our nation. While we had no idea a pandemic was on our doorstep, what was already an important position [...]

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4 Generations of Women Leaders

“Business starts with how you treat people.” I was recently asked what was one of the best pieces of business advice I’ve ever received, and that was my answer. In my role at Starkey, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great leaders: presidents, accomplished entrepreneurs, thought leaders and trailblazers. Whenever I [...]

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Bill Austin: Celebrating 60 Years of Caring

In life and business, we have a desire for coaches, counselors and mentors. Since 1992, I have been fortunate enough to have a front row seat to my mentor, Starkey Owner and Chairman Bill Austin. Having this steady mentor throughout my life and career has not only shaped who I am as a leader, but [...]

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Kindness is Good for Business: 3 Ways to Promote It

Kindness is good for business. It sounds like a simple point because it is. Kindness makes people better, which, in turn, makes business better. And when people are your bottom line, kindness is an investment you have to make. Despite its simplicity, actually promoting kindness in your company isn’t always top of mind. Here are [...]

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The Importance of Mentors In All Stages of Business

I’ve always believed that it’s important in business to not only have mentors, but to be one. It’s the responsibility of those who have benefitted from a mentorship relationship to also guide others down the path. But there’s also an unspoken reciprocity that comes from sharing guidance with those just beginning their career or starting [...]

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Diversity, Inclusion and Positive Progress – My Conversations with Daymond John

Most have heard me say “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” It’s great advice whether you’re changing the way you run your business, learning to use and appreciate new technology or trying to understand someone else’s point of view. But sometimes things happen, and the discomfort is overwhelming. Sometimes you’re looking for answers that are not readily [...]

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