Brandon Sawalich – Business focused, family grounded, community driven.starkey-logos-brandon-sawalich-photo

First and foremost, Brandon is a family man. Nothing is more important to him than being a devoted husband to Stacy Sawalich and dedicated father to their two children. Brandon can always be found with his family by his side, whether they’re accompanying him to Starkey’s many events or helping volunteer through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Brandon Sawalich is involved in a variety of other philanthropic and community-based ventures in the Greater Minneapolis area and beyond. Proud to call the Twin Cities home, he continuously works to raise the city’s profile as a leading center of business, nationally and abroad, with a focus on medical and tech hubs—securing a prominent future for the city.

Among his other philanthropic ventures, Brandon Sawalich participates with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides hearing aids to people in need. He oversees the donation of hearing aids that benefit individuals worldwide.

In addition to his work with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Brandon Sawalich works closely with the International Hearing Foundation to spread the gift of hearing overseas. Last year, Brandon was elected as the Board Chair of the Hearing Industry Association (HIA), an 18-member industry group that advocates for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the hearing aid sector with government leaders. This year, Brandon was named to the George W. Bush Presidential Center’s Executive Advisory Council which looks to develop leaders, advance policy, and take action to solve today’s most pressing challenges.

Further, Brandon Sawalich is a longtime supporter of Special Olympics Minnesota. In 2014, Brandon was elected to its Board of Directors where he worked closely with other members to drive strategy and recognize opportunities where they can benefit the children and adults who compete under their organization. While working with Special Olympics Minnesota, Brandon has been involved in various fundraisers and arranged free hearing aid fittings for the competing athletes.

When Brandon is not supporting underserved populations with life-changing hearing aids, he can be found spending time with his loved ones. As an active family, Brandon, Stacy, and their children do a lot of traveling together. But when they’re all home, they enjoy spending time by the lake.

Brandon Sawalich has passed down his love of baseball to his son, who now regularly attends Cubs and Twins games with his dad. His passion for sports has expanded beyond Wrigley and Target fields, and he is now involved in an extracurricular team that is coached by Brandon. Brandon’s daughter shares his fervor for giving back and he has empowered her to seek out her own opportunities to volunteer in their hometown and abroad.