You can’t cling to the past if you want to create the future.

We are entering a new beginning at Starkey – one more dedicated to the patient than ever, but one also committed to pushing the edge of what’s possible; what’s possible with technology, what’s possible with people and what’s possible when the best of those two things unite. That is when innovative, caring technology is born. Welcome to the generation of Genesis AI.

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Five years ago, Starkey undertook a mission to achieve the impossible, to recreate the future of hearing health by re-engineering the hearing aid from the inside out. Our goal was not incremental improvements but breakthrough patient and professional benefits. The result was the best-sounding, best-performing, most advanced hearing aid we’ve ever created.

Job #1 of any hearing aid is sound quality. With Starkey’s Genesis AI, we created the industry’s smallest and most powerful neuro processor. The hearing aid mimics the human brain, adjusting 80 million times every hour to provide optimal hearing in every situation. We also enhanced our already popular Edge Mode. Edge Mode+ uses AI to give an added boost in any listening situation, giving users the ability to prioritize clearer speech or listening comfort. Starkey was not only the first but continues to lead the hearing health industry in the use of AI and integrated sensors. No one else is creating technology like this.

Discreet Design

We didn’t stop at re-engineering the inside of the hearing aid; we designed an all-new ergonomic device that fits comfortably on the ear. Stigma remains a leading reason why people delay addressing their hearing loss. By creating a device that you can barely feel or see, we are breaking the stigma barrier.

This discrete design also packs eight layers of protection to help repel moisture and survive even the most hostile environment the ear has to offer. Our team tested and abused these devices to ensure they could withstand the real-world challenges users face every day. Genesis AI surpasses the industry’s already lofty IP68 durability standards.

Industry-Leading Battery Life

At 51 hours, Genesis AI has the longest-lasting rechargeable battery available in a RIC. This isn’t just a marketing line. We are making technology for the patient, and one of the biggest patient concerns is running out of battery life. So we eliminated that concern. Additionally, Genesis AI has two new standard product charger options with our renowned Turbo Charge feature which offers three hours of charge after just seven minutes. This peace of mind is putting technology to work for the patient.

A New Beginning at Starkey

Genesis AI marks the first chapter of a new book at Starkey. By delivering on the vision I had five years ago, we have created an entirely new standard in hearing health.

The stigma barrier has been broken.
The usability barrier has been broken.
The connectivity barrier has been broken.
The sound barrier has been broken.

Genesis AI is the smartest, most intuitive hearing aid we’ve ever created. When you are developing technology that impacts people’s lives, you can never be satisfied with the status quo. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible is a responsibility we do not take lightly. It’s my promise to the patient that five years from today, Starkey will still be 10 years ahead. We will not stop the relentless pursuit of what is next. By focusing on real patient benefits, Starkey will remain on the edge of what is possible.