We care for people at Starkey because that’s the right thing to do, and it creates a lasting impact on our world. When you do the right thing, everything else seems to fall into place.

As a young man starting in the hearing industry, I had a desire to build something that would contribute to our world and live on well past my time. Starkey’s simple purpose to build caring products that connect people through better hearing was the spark behind Starkey Cares, Starkey’s corporate social responsibility program. People are the bottom line of business, and we bring this notion to everything we do.

Being reconnected to your hearing lights a spark inside, and helping people around the world see their own potential starts a positive ripple through their lives, families and ultimately their communities. We were fortunate enough to see this firsthand through Starkey Cares at the Special Olympics 2022 USA Games in Orlando.

We met Quentin Wong, a powerlifter from Hawaii, who has dealt with hearing loss his entire life. We fit him with hearing aids at the Special Olympics’ Healthy Athlete Center, and you could see the immediate impact. With hearing aids, Quentin was able to compete in full volume, hearing his coaches’ enthusiasm, his teammates cheering and the crowd’s excitement. He even stopped by the following day to show us his hard-earned medals. It’s a joy to watch someone succeed at something they’re passionate about knowing Starkey Cares was able to provide a positive boost through better hearing.

Whether we’re doing community outreach or fitting Special Olympics athletes, we make sure every single individual has the opportunity to see their true potential to impact our world. I’m grateful, and sometimes simply amazed, for what we’ve been able to accomplish together because we care. We never think of our work as a hand out, but rather a hand up. Sometimes, that’s all people need.

Changing the world doesn’t happen alone. As a matter of fact, it can’t. Anyone can assemble a team with a goal, but when you have the heart and compassion to care about your goal, the #StarkeyFamily has shown me that anything is possible. While our team and our technology have certainly evolved over the past six decades, the goal at Starkey has always been to show people they’re cared for. By empowering others to do the same today, you can be part of changing tomorrow.