In August 2018, Starkey unveiled a new generation of hearing technology. We focused on three core principles: better hearing, Healthable™ technology and the intelligent assistant. With Livio AI, Starkey redefined the role of the hearing aid into a want-to-have device. In August 2021, we raised the bar again.

Evolv AI is the second generation of the vision we unveiled three years ago. It marks a new era of hearing technology. One that is effortless.

Effortless Hearing

Sound quality is, and will always be, Starkey’s top priority. Our purpose is to build caring products that connect people through better hearing, and hearing quality is job #1. Starkey has more than 100 patents for sound quality alone. The new era of hearing technology must center around a device that can give users an unprecedented listening experience — the most natural sounding hearing aids on the planet. Evolv AI scans its environment and adjusts 55 million times every hour to perfect the way it listens. It deciphers what sounds matter and what’s just noise, giving the user the best sound quality in any listening situation. It does all of this without the user even knowing because Evolv AI is always on and always automatic. We call this Starkey Sound™, and it’s making hearing effortless.

Effortless Connection

Starkey connects people to people through better hearing. By making hearing effortless, we can make connection effortless — connection to family, friends and the world around you. We’re also connecting the hearing professional to the patient. TeleHear™ expands Starkey’s telehealth features from the first fit to synchronous remote programming to empowering the user to work with their hearing professional to make adjustments to their devices at any time. Starkey is also connecting caregivers with loved ones by expanding the Thrive Care app and Fall Detection and Alerts to all technology tiers, giving peace of mind to even more families.

But we know connection to the world is not the only thing the digital patient expects from a hearing aid. They want to be connected to all of the devices that make life easier. We are giving users the fastest and most seamless connection experience and direct streaming to more Apple and Android devices than ever before. Connection has never been easier.

Effortless Selection

When it comes to most things in medicine, one size does not fit all. It should be the same for hearing technology. Evolv AI is bringing a personalized approach to hearing healthcare. This is the most complete line of hearing solutions Starkey has released in 15 years. From the smallest rechargeable custom devices in the world to the most powerful BTE, there is a solution for every patient. You no longer have to compromise power, clarity or features. By giving hearing professionals access to an array of devices, we are making the selection process easier so you can focus on what matters most: the patient and their journey to better hearing.

Starkey’s mission is to serve our customers better than anyone else. It’s a challenge we don’t shy away from. We redefined the role of the hearing aid in 2018 and then continued pushing for better. Evolv AI marks a new era at Starkey and for the entire hearing healthcare industry, and the next 18 months will define the future as we challenge what science and technology are capable of. It’s one thing to become the best, it’s another to remain the best, and Starkey will continue setting the new standard again and again.