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Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and a glimpse at what keeps my world ticking. Today I am thrilled to announce the launch of our new healthable hearing technology, Livio AI. Innovation is the cornerstone of what we’ve achieved at Starkey over the past five decades. The Starkey team makes this breakthrough innovation possible by developing world-leading technology to help thousands hear better. With our new product launch, I thought it was the perfect time to share how artificial intelligence is disrupting the hearing aid industry. Enjoy!

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Brandon Sawalich

The future is here! Today, Starkey launched Livio™ AI, the world’s first hearing aid with artificial intelligence and integrated sensors. Livio AI does more than just help you hear better, it helps you live better. Artificial intelligence and hearing aid technology are revolutionizing hearing health and changing people’s lives, allowing people to take control of both their physical and mental health like never before.

Wristbands may have pioneered the wearable technology trend, but hearing aids will revolutionize it. Sound crazy? It’s not; revered as the original wearables, hearables are now built with such advanced technology that they are positioned to completely disrupt the wearables industry.

Among the most recognizable devices in the wearable tech industry are smartwatches and fitness trackers, popularized by companies like Apple and Fitbit. While these products empower users to take control of their physical and mental health, these wearable devices are actually not particularly adept at reliably measuring or predicting pertinent health data. As a result, this technology inspired another sector of the market to emerge: medical wearable devices—an industry set to reach $14.41 billion by 2022.

Cutting-edge hearing aid technology is driving the way for this next phase of health technology, and Livio AI is leading the pack. Using a device to treat hearing loss is already a proven step in preventing chronic conditions like dementia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and risk of falling. But with artificial intelligence and 3D sensors, hearing aids can actually track a person’s movement, activities, and gestures to gather meaningful, real-time feedback concerning cognitive and bodily fitness.

As our new product reveals, the ear is the new wrist™, a sweet spot for this kind of tracking and monitoring. It provides much more accurate data than the wrist, putting hearing aid wearers at a distinct advantage when monitoring their brain and body health through their hearing device.

It’s remarkable what these devices can do for a person’s mental and physical health. Take universal connectivity, for example. Users can connect their hearing aid to most devices, making it easier than ever before to stream calls, listen to music, and send messages. All of these capabilities promote increased cognitive activity, which is good for brain health and mental wellbeing. Connectivity also makes remote programming possible so that hearing care professionals can make adjustments to a person’s hearing device from anywhere in the country.

Of course, any discussion of hearing aid developments is incomplete without giving credit to the latest in sound enhancement technology. Our new Hearing Realitytechnology is incorporated in our Livio AI hearing aids, now making it easier than ever for hearing aid wearers to tune into the voices they want to hear—even in a crowded room. Integrated sensors and artificial intelligence interpret a user’s brain activity to produce targeted hearing enhancement, evaluating the listener’s spatial location while also enhancing the speaker’s voice.

But despite their support of uniquely superior sound quality, these devices are so much more than a hearing aid. They promote a healthier lifestyle, restore a person’s desire to socialize and engage in group outings, and can even help ward off future cognitive conditions like dementia.

At Starkey, we strive to help others reach their fullest potential by providing access to the gift of hearing. Through our new Livio AI healthable technology, our hope is that people will feel empowered through devices that can meet any challenge thrown their way or need left unmet. It’s time to live in the moment.